Building Custom Javascript Dropdown Menus

It's quite amazing to see how much time can speed up if you're thrown into a new environment. One month ago, I moved from Hamburg to Amsterdam. After putting my life into boxes, finding time for selftaughtjs has been challenging. Finding a place to live as well as a reliable internet connection have been higher up on my list of priorities. Now that things have calmed down a little, I'm finally able to continue this blog with more frequent updates. I got the idea for this post while working on a recent project for my portfolio. Dropdown menus are some of the basic staples of websites these days and appear in many different variations. There are a lot of libraries… read more »

Creating Custom Preloaders with CSS animations & keyframes

As Javascript developers, we are often quickly dismissing CSS. It's tempting to let one of the many Javascript frameworks take care of our animations. Yes, CSS is complex, messy and don't even get me started on browser compatibility. Yet, there is no way around dealing with CSS on a daily basis if you're a frontend developer (or aspiring to become one). Unlike many other parts of CSS, animating elements on your website is a pretty straightforward process and not as complicated as you might think. Note that CSS animation is not supported in IE 10 and lower (it's not as bad as it sounds, we still cover about 98% of all internet users). In this post we will explore the… read more »