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Algorithm Sundays: Decrypting a ROT-13 Caesar Cipher

Is there anything better than starting your Sunday with a steaming hot mug of coffee and an algorithm challenge to get your brain juices flowing? I don't think so. Writing algorithms is a perfect way for you to stay sharp and be prepared for all kinds of challenges life (or your boss) is throwing at you. Please keep in mind that for most problems there are many ways to solve them and it's difficult to decide for a best solution. The one that runs quickest? The one that takes the least lines of code? The one that can be read easiest by your colleagues? I highly encourage you to take some time and think about the presented problem first. Try… read more »

Javascript 101: A Guide to String Methods in Javascript

This post will explore how you can use string methods in Javascript to solve your everyday web development problems and write better code. If you are just getting started with learning Javascript, you might want to get a quick overview of strings as a data type and how they work in Javascript. I don't want to get into too much details about the textbook definition of a method at this point. For know, all you have to know is that each data type in Javascript has some more or less unique methods, that you can use to modify data. You will use these methods a lot. So it's worth spending some time working with them. string.split( ) This method splits… read more »

Javascript 101: Working with Variables

Welcome back for another session of Javascript 101. After having looked at all the different data types in Javascript previously, this post will introduce you to the concept of working with variables in your code. You've most likely already encountered the variable x in several math classes during your time in school. At that time we were looking at simple mathematical equations such as 5 + x = 10 In this case, x would be substituting any value that could make the equation true, for example 5. In Javascript, we can assign a value to a variable name by using the keyword var var myVariable = 5 This would initiate a variable called myVariable with the value 5. I could now continue in… read more »

Javascript 101: Introduction to Datatypes

As promised, this is the first post of a longer Javascript 101 Series. Luckily, as Javascript runs directly in your browser, there are several options for you to write your first lines of javascript without having to install an entire local development environment on your machine. A site that has been extremely helpful for me during my first steps with Javascript has been repl.it. The website allows you to write your code and see the output right next to your code, save shareable links and doesn’t require any kind of registration to do so. While it is possible to also run javascript code directly in the console of your browser, I’d recommend to work with repl.it… read more »

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Why You Should Learn Javascript in 2016

When I first told my friends that I set my mind on becoming a web developer, despite studies in a different field and holding a promising job, I certainly raised some eyebrows. By the term web developer somehow all of them were thinking of a guy who sits at home in boxershorts, phones a few local businesses and hopes to build a two-page brochure site. Or maybe even make changes to a Wordpress Theme. “Move this box a bit more to the left, and make that color a brighter shade of green.” This might have been an entirely legitimate description of some web developers in the last decade. Today, easy to use content management systems, one-click hosting platforms and a… read more »

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